Visual Eye
Auditory Eye
Kinesthatic Eye
Haptic Eye
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Visual Hidden Language – Mental Type

  • Dot Like Pigments
  • Visual, Fact Oriented
  • Thinking, Analytical
  • Often opinionated
  • “I” – Favorite Pronoun (1st Person Singular)
  • Verb – I see, I think
  • Style’s Skill – Detail, Credibility, Clarity
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Auditory Hidden Language – Feeling Type

  • Flower petal like opening
  • Auditory,Emotional
  • Spontaneous, Feeling
  • Relationship Oriented
  • “You”– Favorite Pronoun (2nd Person Singular & Plural)
  • Verb – I feel, I hear
  • Style’s Skill – Joy, Vision, Sociability, Rapport
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Kinesthetic Hidden Language – Physical Type

  • Straight Lines/Streaks -No Dots or Openings
  • Sensitive, Sensing their whole body, stillness, connection, mediator
  • Empathetic, Balanced
  • “We”– Favorite Pronoun (1st Person Plural)
  • Verb – That touches me
  • Style’s Skill – Amiable, Balanced. Service
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Haptic Hidden Language – Movement Type

  • Dots and Openings
  • Dynamic change, Transitioning
  • Risk Oriented, Driven, Zealous
  • Motivation, originality, achievement, entrepreneurial
  • “They”-Favorite Pronoun   (3rd Person – Plural)
  • Verbs – I think, feel and act, fast!
  • Style’s Skills- Outside the Box, Creativity, Vitality, Activity, Achievement, Dynamic, Change

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